Veryan Church Of England Primary School


Kiberick class - Year 4, 5 and 6

Mrs Sharron Cartwright

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Today's maths champions: calculate the combined number of years the reindeer have been alive - if Rudolph at 6 is the youngest, and all of the others are 1 year older than each other. 
Christmas Lunch 
Kiberick rehearsal - a sneak preview of our carol! 

Kiberick and Pendower Poetry Workshop
The amazing autumn inspired us to create wonderful poetry. We used lots of adventurous adjectives, vibrant verbs and personification. 
We were lucky enough to have some extra adult help too, who really enjoyed their time with us. 
This is Kiberick and some of Pendower class performing the poem 'On Bonfire Night'  by Holly Jones. We used the Ipad to record and improve our performance. It was quite tricky to make our voices match the meaning and atmosphere - but we are very happy with our results. 

Proud moment: Mrs Cartwright was very impressed when these two boys were so inspired by their morning's lesson that they spent their lunch break creating spear heads and a 'survival dagger.'
They explained that "Back in the Stone age they weren't concerned with fighting, it was more about surviving, so I could use these spear heads to kill animals for food and he could skin them with his dagger!"
"I shaped this one with another stone"
"This would have been made of stone in the old days, but I found a bit of rock and shaped this into a dagger like they would have done."
Building with clay for our Stone age and Iron age homes
Building our Stoneage cave - a great place to sit quietly with a book or a friend and have some quiet time.


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