Veryan Church Of England Primary School


Kiberick class - Year 5 and 6

Mrs Sharron Cartwright

Summer Ball 2021 
This year, in the absence of a Trust Leavers' Celebration, Year Six threw a party for their friends in Kiberick. Friyay Club funds were used to pay for the DJ; refreshments and decorations by the Veryan Elves!! Like all the best elves appeared unseen to do all of the work and tidied up again - MAGIC !!
It was a FANTASTIC evening and will be a treasured memory. 

Flambards 2021 
Year Six decided to spend their end of year celebration at Flambards theme park. We had a great day that we will always remember !
Surfing on Fistral Beach 
We went surfing with Global Boarders. They said we listened really well and made excellent  progress because we kept trying. Most of all they loved how much fun we were!
Kedroya - A Golden Tree Project 
A labyrinth created out of Cornish hedges and hawthorn. The hedging makes the shape of Cornwall across the labyrinth. We were invited to complete a time capsule to bury in our section of the labyrinth, according to our place on the map. We enclosed a photograph of ourselves and important landmarks of the village along with poems to capture what Veryan means to us, life in a pandemic and the daily life of a ten year old in 2021! We also included an audit of parent occupations and village facilities so that the people of the future can compare their lives to ours. 
Sports Day 2021 
Roseland Paddle and Sail
This trust allows school children to learn to sail for FREE ! We have had an amazing time there and are very grateful for everyone that supports this charity.
Bob is a gifted coach ably accompanied by Charlie on the powerboat to fish us out or haul us back if we should go adrift!   
Practical Maths 
We love getting outside to learn. The playground lends itself very well to practising practical measuring with water.
  • Estimated how much water was in a container, then used the measuring cylinders to check. 
  • Challenged each other to pour exact quantities in very accurately.
  • Measured the same amount of water into cylinders with different scales- it was interesting to see how different the same quantity can look in a different container. 
Tree Planting
The Tree Council donated a range of saplings for us to plant up at our Wild Field. 
Mr Hall, one of our regular volunteers, has been pivotal in applying for and securing donations of trees and water butts from The Tree Council and South West Water. 
Mr Hall also works with REACT (Roseland Environmental Action Community Team) . Some of their members came to help and share their expertise too. It's always good to work with other adults, we gain such invaluable life skills. 
Cornish Pirates 
We have received expert coaching in rugby from Cornish Pirates. Our skills are now excellent and we can't wait to play again. 
The Garden of Eden 
Kiberick are taking the lead in creating a garden of paradise in the middle playground. A place of calm, quiet reflection and creativity. 
WATCH this space for more activity.. we are hoping to create this using donated, recycled and upcycled items. 
One large item we could make very good use of is an old tent that we can dismantle and make into a shelter. ...
Signs of Spring 2021
We spent a lovely afternoon sketching and using watercolours to produce these beautiful paintings. We are entering them into the SUSTRANS art competition. 
Comic Relief Fun
An obstacle course was one of the fun activities organised by our Year 6 Friyay Club leaders. Other activities included a Funny Walk relay and water balloon race. 
Adventus 2020
We are busy preparing for the coming of Christ in many different ways. 
More recycling: creating our own Christmas Trees from the branches felled at the field
This is one strategy to reduce waste, alongside recycling, and reducing. 
We re-purposed a plastic bottle to begin exploring ways to reduce waste. We are going to be creating a
Waste Reduction Plan for our school in the new year.
As part of our topic on recycling we gave these boxes their third life, so we have re-used. We created shelters and reminded ourselves that for some people - this is what they call home!   
Pirates ahoy ! 
As part of our topic on the Tudors we have begun studying the Spanish Armada, we had great fun being pirates; looking for treasure and stage fighting. 
We have demonstrated our learning and understanding of remembrance in a number of ways; 
  • We have created rock and slate paintings to display at the cenotaph in recognition and gratitude of the sacrifice made by those men, women and animals in all conflicts over the years. 
  • We assembled a montage of accessories to represent war We made an abstract tableau to represent peace 

Hard work and Fun at the Field
Mr Hall and other volunteers have cut paths through the field so that w e can walk around more easily. We had to lift the cut grass into piles, which will make lovely hedgehog hotels over the winter. we saw lots of wildlife, including;  a shrew, a bees nest and a toad!
Spelling Success !
We are rightly proud of our success . 
In Kiberick, we continually try to improve on our previous best. The emphasis is upon our own PERSONAL best. The 'test' is a spelling exercise designed to model strategies for spelling rather than a test of how many they get right. Of course it's always nice to do well and get a score they are proud of for themselves as an individual.  At the end of the test they award themselves a stamp that reflects their level of satisfaction. In addition some weeks we have a class target to achieve in order to earn a treat!
I will be recording the spelling session next week so you can hear the  approach and better understand the philosophy. 
Fun at the field
This week we were very busy again; measuring the heights of the saplings planted in March, sieving to separate the contents of the earth, filming for our dinosaur discovery documentaries and auditing the mini-beasts. Overtime we will be recording things like the amounts of mini-beasts and the heights of the trees to compare and evaluate. 
Mr Hall enthralled us with his explanations and stories at the Wild Tribe field. Some of us made an obstacle from all the cut grass to leap over and we enjoyed rolling around in the grass too!
Sticker Fun
Friday Club fun - we created our own stickers. 
Autumn 2020: Our very own Secret Garden 
Today we visited the Wild Tribe field. It was like the secret garden as the gate was over-grown with Old Man's Beard. 
2020: A trip to Flambards marked our last day as Year Six !  
We Are Back !! Yay !!
Just a few shots to capture our first moments back x Year Six return in Summer 2020 for the last few weeks of their time in primary school. 
In the style of Jackson Pollock ..
Inspired by our brief study of Earth and Space we began the first phase of our art installation in the style of Jackson Pollock. We watched a clip of the sound and light show by Luxmuralis at Exeter Cathedral which also gave us some ideas about abstract representation. (Spring 2020) 
Soup with Beetham
For some fun and our work on vegetation belts we had Mr Beetham in to make some soup with us. It was very fun and he even showed us some fast chopping (like they do on TV) we created minestrone soup and found it very yummy. (Spring 2020) 
by Rose 
Jamie Oliver's Fifteen - move over ...
Yesterday we made soup with Mr Beetham and today was the day we got to taste it ! Our classroom became our restaurant ... (Spring 2020) 


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