Veryan Church Of England Primary School


Miss Laura Blayney

Pendower Class - Years 2 and 3
Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school each day, our usual day for PE is Tuesday, but we want to make the most of opportunities to get active. Children who are attending swimming lessons will need their swimming kits on a Tuesday.
It's the beginning of a new year in Pendower and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back the year threes and give a warm welcome to our new year twos. In Pendower this term we are learning about the Great fire of London. We are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Wild Tribe at Veryan and look forward to gaining new skills and having adventures! 
Welcome back everyone,
This term we are getting excited for summer with our 'Here comes the sun' topic. We are hoping to get out and about in the local area as much as possible and make the most of our wonderful surroundings in Veryan.
Our English focus this term is The Lion King.
Please have a look at the PDF below for further details about what we are hoping to get up to this term.
Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Easter break!
This term our topic is Terrific Tudors!
Homework is in the children's folders for the term, please complete 2 pieces a week, one for a Monday and one for a Friday.
Spellings are in the back of the children's reading records.
Please remember to fill out your child's reading record each time they read, so that we can move children through the reading bands as they are ready. 
Welcome back,
This term our topic is Brilliant Buildings
Homework is in children's folders for the term, please complete 2 pieces a week, one for a Monday and one for a Friday.
Spellings are in the back of children's reading records, spelling shed is up and running with tasks set for each week related to your child's spellings for that particular week.
Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had a restful and enjoyable half term! This term our topic is Polar Exploration. We will be looking at materials in science, instructions in English and measuring in Maths. 
Welcome back, we hope you have all had a lovely summer holidays. This term our topic is Africa and we link this to science where we will be learning about animals and habitats.
Happy Easter!
Welcome back, I hope you have had a lovely Easter break.
This term our topic will be Roman Ruins, we will be learning about many different aspects of Roman life and presenting our learning in different ways. In Maths we will be covering different areas to consolidate learning that has taken place so far this year and develop fluency and reasoning. We will be starting the term with poetry in English. In science we will be learning about forces, focusing on how magnets work and how they are used in real life.
Welcome back!
This term our topic is Home and Away, we are going to be learning all about our local area and the things that influence where we live. In English, we will be starting the term by looking at the story of Alice in Wonderland. In Maths, we are going to be really embedding our key skills, adding subtracting, multiplying and dividing as well as revisiting areas such as money and time to move forward in our learning of these areas.
Happy new year!!
Go Galactic!
This term in Pendower we will be learning about space and inventions. In English, we will be focusing on Lost and Found, innovating the story to match our space topic. In science we will be finding out about light and dark and space travel. Inventions are our focus for topic work, focusing on a different inventor each week starting with George Stephenson. 
Summer Term 2017 - "Which is the greatest animal of all time?"
On Tuesday 25th July, Pendower class enjoyed sharing their learning with parents, carers and the rest of the school through a 'Carnival of the Animals'. Everyone was very impressed with their loud, clear voices and how well they did with very little help from the adults - well done Pendower! A special thank you to Miss Rogers for preparing all the costumes :)
On Thursday 20th July, Jo Leach (Dom's mum!) kindly brought in a preying mantis, a chameleon and some crested geckos for Pendower to meet. Thank you Jo!
On Monday 19th June, Mrs Hayes brought her Leopard Gecko into school to support the 'reptiles' unit of our topic. The children got to hold him and closely observe his body. They were fascinated by the fact he had ear holes and they could see into his head! They were also surprised that his skin was dry and soft and that he had claws and not suckers on his feet. The children asked lots of good questions which helped to deepen their understanding of reptiles.
On Wednesday 14th June, Cat from the Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, came to school to teach the children about the different parts of a lobster (such as their slicing claw and crushing claw!), their life cycle and how they 'moult' their shell and grow a new one. The children got to handle some different body parts and look closely at some live baby lobsters! They also took part in some role play, pretending to be lobsters moulting their shells. We had great fun and learned a lot of facts!
On Tuesday 13th June, Pendower class went to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay to support the 'fish' unit of our topic. We started by getting up close and personal with some rock pool creatures, including; a spider crab an edible (known locally as a 'pasty' crab!) and a star fish. We learnt how their bodies are adapted to live in the water and protect them from being eaten! We then explored the rest of the aquarium where the children particularly enjoyed walking through the tunnel and being surrounded by sharks, a giant turtle and a sting ray! We had a lovely day and again it was encouraging to see so many children choosing to read the information boards to extend their knowledge - well done Pendower!

On Wednesday 24th May, Pendower class listened to "The Dying Swan" music and responded through dance. They then looked at the work of Claude Monet and had a go at creating their very own swan paintings using his technique of dotting rather than brushing the paint on. They worked together in pairs to blend colours together to show the movement and reflections in the water. Their masterpieces can be seen below...
On Tuesday 23rd May, Alison came in to work with Pendower class to help them make beautiful and colourful parrots! The children worked really well together in pairs and the finished parrots can be seen resting and flying in the classroom. Please come and have a look when you get a chance!
On Tuesday 16th May, Pendower class had a go at creating their own aboriginal animal paintings, using a combination of their hands, fingers and brushes. The children were shocked to learn that the aboriginals used to spit paint around their hand as a way of 'signing' their work! Thank you to Mrs Warburton for coming to do this lesson with the childen. The finished work is on display on the stone wall in the corridor, so please come and have a look!
On Friday 12th May, Pendower class (and the Year 6's as a special post-SATs treat!) spent a wonderful day at Cornish Birds of Prey to support the 'birds' unit of our topic. First, we spent some time seeing all the birds in their cages or perches and also met some very friendly farm animals, including; sheep, goats, pigs, ponies and even an emu! It was lovely to see so many children choosing to read the information about each animal, including; its name, habitat and the story of how it ended up at the centre. We were then treated to an amazing flying display of 4 different birds who flew right over our heads! We learnt more about what they eat, how they hunt and their habitats. The handler was very impressed with the good questions the children were asking. After lunch, the children had great fun on the play equipment before returning to school.


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