Miss Laura Blayney
Pendower Class - Years 2, 3 and 4
Over the summer term, Pendower will be learning about the history and geography of Cornwall. We will be finding out about Cornish traditions and what and who Cornwall is famous for. 
In Maths we will be learning about fractions and decimals.
In science we will be continuing our learning about plants and looking forward to running our own farm shop where we show case the produce that we have grown and made. 
In English, we will be focussing on 2 different Cornish myths, beginning with The Pisky led boy in preparation for writing our very own Cornish myths set in our surrounding area. 
This half term our topic is Our planet. We will be covering the human and physical elements of the geography curriculum which will include thinking about what the Earth is made of, how earthquakes happen, the differences and similarities between towns and countries and how land is used for different purposes.
In Science, we will be learning about plants in the context of the stemterprise project, where we will grow produce to sell and cook with and run a farm shop. 
In RE, we will be learning about Christianity in the run up to Easter and answering the question Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?
Our key text in English is Wangari's Trees of Peace and we will use this as a vehicle to write our own letter to the government about a change we would like to see in the world and then a story about how it might be put into action. In guided reading, we will start to read Bear Grylls Adventure, Earthquake challenge.
This term we are learning about the Ruthless Romans. In science, we will be focusing on building our ability to ask and answer scientific questions in the context of space. In RE we will be continuing with our learning about Hinduism, asking the question What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain today?
Our key texts for this term are

Romans on the Rampage – Jeremy Strong

Escape from Pompeii – Christina Balit

Ruthless Romans – Terry Deary

This week our update was written as a class
This week we have launched our Roman topic by making Roman shields, Laurel wreaths, having a battle in the wild tribe field and creating a life size Roman soldier. We took care of the chickens by feeding them and cleaning out their bed. we made new year wishes and celebrated epiphany which celebrates Jesus appearing to the wise men. We also went to the field to join with the wassail to bless our orchard for the new year. 
Children's website update - 
This week we wrote questions about Julius Caesar and then researched the answers. We learnt about the Roman Empire. In PE we learnt to pass in rugby and to bounce the ball in basketball. We made a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle of the Romans as a team.
Welcome back, I hope you have had a lovely half term.
This term our topic is North America. In science we will be learning about the human body, including the digestive system, the nutrition that we need and why we have skeletons and muscles. In RE our focus question is What do Hindus believe God is like? and we will be tying this learning in with Diwali. Our Maths coverage for this term will include addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 
Our focus texts are 


Argh! There's a Skeleton Inside You! -  Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost


This Moose belongs to me – Oliver Jeffers


Dipal’s Diwali

Website update from George, Ellis, Annabelle and William.
This week we learnt about Jackson Pollock. Archie enjoyed writing a story based on This Moose belongs to me and Lottie enjoyed making sequences in gymnastics.
The children's website update for the week:
This week we have been learning about Hindus and their God and Deities. We made shrines like the ones that Hindus have in their houses. 
Holly's favourite part of the week was Maths.
Sennen's was making the shrines.
Teddy's was learning about Diwali.
Florence's was hockey.
Welcome back everyone, 
Our topic for this term is Stone Ago to Iron Age, in science we will be learning about light and in RE we will be answering the question What is the Trinity and Why is it important to Christians. 
Our class texts this term will include: 
- Light in the Night by Marie Voigt
- Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson 
- How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson
In Maths we are learning about Number and Place Value and moving on to addition and subtraction.
This week our website update was written by Sennen, Teddy, Alice and Fleur.
This week in Pendower we have learn head, shoulders, knees and toes in French and we learnt about the Bronze Age. 
Florence's favourite part of the week was learning about the Bronze Age, Ruby's was writing instructions and William's was learning to add and subtract 3 digit number in Maths.
Florence, Emily and William
This week we continued our learning about the Stone Age. We made stewed fruit which we wrote instructions for and we go ready for harvest by making flapjacks. We got to try the syrup, it was yummy!
This week our website update is written by George T, Ellis, Annabelle and Archie
This week we have started to learn about the Stone Age. We have written some questions about artefacts and put a timeline in order.
This week's update is written by Kayden, Lottie and Ellie.
This week we learnt about the trinity, Kayden and Ellie liked using the computers to make a PowerPoint, Lottie enjoyed going on a scarecrow hunt around the village and counting in 1000s in Maths.
This week our website update is written by Ruby, George P, Imogen and Holly
Monday - We did phonics and learnt about light through an experiment where we put holes in a box and looked through to see what we could see in varying amounts of light.
Tuesday - We made Whizzer Wheels and looked at refraction using CDS.
Wednesday - We pretended to be cars and used our 'headlights' to investigate how reflective different materials are.
Thursday - Miss Blayney was on a course today, we made shadow puppets.
Friday - We made a scarecrow, his name is Gerald.
This week our website update is written by Teddy, Alice and Fleur.
Day 1: On day one we learnt about compassion.
Days 2: We were taught about perseverance.
Day 3: We went to Carne Beach, it was really cool.
Best day: The best day was day 3 because we liked the beach.
This term our topic is We are geographers.
In English, our writing is based around traditional Cornish stories and poems. We are currently studying The Mermaid of Zennor. 
Currently our Read Write Inc focus book is The Poor Goose
In Maths, we are learning about time and measure.
In RE will we be answering the question 'How and why do people try to make the world a better place?'
This term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians.
In English, our writing is taken from the book The Time Travelling Cat and The Egyptian Goddess.
In Guided reading, Clever Cookies are reading Max and the Millions and Master Minds are focusing on three fiction Big Cat books and 3 non fiction Big Cat books.
In Maths, we are learning about fractions and position and direction.
In RE will we be answering the question 'What kind of World did Jesus want?'
Welcome back everybody,
Our topic is Exploring Europe! (see planning below)
PE will take place on a Tuesday predominantly, but please have your PE kit in school every day.
The spellings for this term are on dojo
Our class text when we come back will be The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith and our guided reading texts will change in the next couple of weeks too,
Bright Sparks will be reading Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
Brain Boxes will be reading Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne
Smarty Pants will be reading The Mousehole cat by Antonia Barber
Whizz Kids will be reading Charlotte's Web by E. B. White
In Maths we will be looking at multiplication and division, as well as measure.
Please keep checking class dojo for updates, including the number facts of the week which we would love children to practice at home.
Pendower team
Welcome back everyone, 
This term our topic is the Maya! (see topic plan below)
The spellings for this term are on dojo
Our class story is Harry the Poisonous centipede.
Our Guided reading texts are:
Whizz Kids - Fortunately the Milk
Brain boxes - The Heart an the Bottle
Smarty Pants - The World According to Humphrey
Bright Sparks - Lost and Found
In Maths, we are focussing on place value and number work.
Welcome back everyone,
Please see below our topic plan for the term.
Our topic is EXTREME EARTH!!
We will be continuing to read Mary Poppins as our class text this half term and our guided reading books are:
Velociraptors - Butterfly Lion, moving to The World According to Humphrey
Stegosauruses - The Day the Crayons Quit, moving to Lost and Found
Triceratops -  Fantastic Mr Fox, moving to Fortunately the Milk
We would love to see children reading as much as possible at home too!
Spellings for the term are below and were sent home with the children at the end of last term, a reminder that a great way for children to practice their spellings is spelling shed, each child has a subscription for this, if you aren't sure of their username or password, please put a note in their reading record.
We are really focusing in on speed of recall of number facts and times tables in Maths this term and your support at home with this would be greatly appreciated. Our aim is for children to be given a table question and be able to come back with the answer, rather than by counting up. Year 2 children should broadly focus on 2s, 5s and 10s and Year 3 children should broadly focus on 3s, 4s and 8s.
Times Table Rock-stars and/ or Sum dog could be good starting points for this at home, if the children don't know their logins for these please put a note in their reading record.
Thank you for your support!
Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school each day, our usual day for PE is Tuesday, but we want to make the most of opportunities to get active. 
Welcome back, we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Our topic for this term is Groovy Greeks (see PDF below) 
In English we will be focusing on Hercules 
It's the beginning of a new year in Pendower and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back the year threes and give a warm welcome to our new year twos. In Pendower this term we are learning about the Great fire of London. We are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Wild Tribe at Veryan and look forward to gaining new skills and having adventures!