Veryan Church Of England Primary School

Our School Monitoring Council

Celtic Cross Education is committed to maintaining the unique nature of all of the schools within the Trust and believes this is best achieved by giving a clear mandate to Local Monitoring Councillor Bodies to be the drivers of school improvement. The Trust gives these Local Monitoring Councillor Bodies the freedoms to focus on the challenge and support for the improvements in teaching and learning and the curriculum by ensuring the synergies of belonging to a MAT allow statutory obligations to be dealt with centrally. This, coupled with the defined role of the senior leaders within the schools setting enables the Executive Headteacher and Headteachers to deal exclusively with the day-to-day management of the individual schools; the burden of Finances, Resources and Personnel issues are dealt with by the Principal and the Central Administrative Team. This freedom gives the leader in the school the maximum time and resources to effectively engage with all stakeholders and manage the schools effectively on a day-to-day basis. With a School Improvement Lead working full-time across the schools, this partnership with LMCs, Headteachers and staff strive to provide the best for every child in the Trust.
Minutes from SMC meetings are available upon request by emailing
The primary concern of the SMC is monitoring all aspects of school life, principally:
  • monitor pupil performance
  • monitor the impact of Pupil Premium funding and how this helps these pupils to narrow the gap with non-Pupil Premium pupils
  • monitor the provision and balance of the curriculum offer
  • monitor the learning outcomes from high quality teaching
  • monitor the effectiveness of the leadership of the schools on all levels
  • monitor pupil's care, welfare and behaviour
  • monitor the Christian distinction of the schools and how the ethos and values underpin the work of the school
  • monitor the attendance of the schools against MAT and national benchmarking
  • monitor the well-being of the staff
The SMC meet approximately four times a year to focus on producing a termly monitoring report with the Head of School. This will incorporate information from monitoring visits undertaken by the councillors and the impact from SEF priorities and data. Councillors will use this report to guide the monitoring towards areas that require action and a record is kept to show the impact achieved.
The monitoring councillors at our school are made up of a number of monitoring councillors that represent At Veryan we have a joint monitoring councillor body with Ladock CofE Primary School, with specific roles shared out across the councillors, with some attending meetings at our central office in Bodmin for the Academy.
Our School Monitoring Council at Veryan School:

Andrew Nicolson - Chair of Governors

39 Polsue Way, Tresillian, Truro

  • Karen Holmes - Staff School Improvement Lead
  • Josh Tyers -Staff (Head of School)
  • Chris Stoyles - Staff (Head of School Ladock Primary)
  • Janet Webb -Literacy monitoring councillor
  • Rachel Carbis - Safeguarding monitoring councillor
  • Hannah Kendle -Parent SMC member monitoring maths
  • Abi Lutey - Parent SMC member
  • April Jane - Parent SMC member
  • Catherine Rogers -Parent SMC member
  • Laurie Trounce - Parent SMC member monitoring Early Years and Foundation
All our School Monitoring Council have been voted in and appointed by the Celtic Cross Education Board.


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