School opening information March 2021

Please see below an updated version of our wider school closure and 'bubble' opening for the Covid lockdown for January-February half term. Please be advised that this may be subject to changes depending on Government guidelines and updates.
Please find below two draft guides for our planned re-opening in September. Please be advised that these plans are still subject to change, as the government will be announcing a further update in August.

We feel ready, well prepared and confident about all children returning on Monday 7th September.

If you have any general enquires/need to make the school aware of a period of self isolation or confirmed case that impacts the starting school date please contact: veryan.head@celticcross.education

A short additional newsletter will be sent home on Friday 4th September, before the beginning of the next school year, to update on any government/school based changes that take place during the summer holidays.