Welcome to Veryan Church of England Primary School

At Veryan Church of England Primary School, we believe in creating an enriching environment that sparks joy in learning and cultivates the academic and social growth of our students. We understand that the primary years are crucial in setting the foundation for lifelong learning and personal development.

Our Philosophy:

We are more than just a school; we are a nurturing ground for young minds to explore, learn, and thrive. Here, we provide an environment where pupils relish meeting new challenges and honing their abilities in a happy and healthy setting. Every child is treasured, every achievement celebrated.

A Rich and Varied Curriculum:

Our commitment to a rich and varied curriculum means that we diligently tailor our teaching strategies and incorporate our surrounding natural environment to satisfy each child's unique learning requirements. We aim to inspire and unlock the full potential within each student.

Individual Progress and Personal Growth:

At Veryan, it isn't only about academic success. We prioritize the holistic progress of our students—paying close attention to nurturing confident academics and individuals with strong personal qualities. Our students are prepared to contribute positively within the school and the wider community.

Our Core Values and Vision:

Guided by our Christian values—Compassion, Wisdom, and Perseverance—we create a supportive atmosphere where students can both learn and live these principles. Our vision, "Supporting one another in learning and life", encapsulates our commitment to walking together on this educational quest.

We warmly invite you to explore our website to learn more about what makes Veryan Church of England Primary School an exceptional place for growth and learning. Join us on this extraordinary educational adventure.