Values, Aims and Visions

Our school is a happy and friendly place where children learn in a secure and caring Christian community. Children are encouraged to develop respect and responsibility within a well ordered environment, where all staff have high expectations of appropriate behaviour. We teach children to acknowledge the effects of their behaviour on others.

Our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship study units present opportunities for reflection about attitudes, choices, emotions and feelings. When you visit our school we feel sure that these positive attitudes will be evident in the behaviour you observe.
Our Christian values at Veryan Primary School are:
  • Compassion
  • Wisdom
  • Perseverance
Our Christian vision is:
Supporting one another in learning and life.
Kiberick Class wrote these poems to share in our Parish newsletter about our school values.
Our School Aims
Supporting one another in learning and life.
We do this through our Christian distinctiveness by focusing on three actions we feel encapsulate our purpose as a Church of England community primary school.
These are to;
  1. To educate pupils intellectually, socially, morally, aesthetically, physically and spiritually within a community based on Christian principles; to encourage the search for truth, meaning and purpose in life.
  2. To promote Christian values within the school and encourage, in pupils, a sense of decency, self-reliance, responsibility, respect for others, a healthy self-esteem and a willingness to fulfil their potential.
  3. To show Christian care, understanding and mutual respect for individuals within the whole school and wider community.
  1. To stimulate in every child a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world, a concern for the environment and an appreciation and understanding of differing cultures and religions.
  2. To give each member of the school a sense of belonging, of worth and involvement both within the school and the wider community.
  3. To help children and families to engage with learning opportunities within the wider community and develop respect and compassion through meaningful and supportive relationships.
      1. To celebrate each child for their individuality.
      2. To consistently provide an environment where children and families are nurtured and can achieve          their full potential.
      3. To periodically evaluate and evolve our professional practice in response to the needs of our community and in response to guidelines for best practice. 
As a school we communicate our christian character through the parable of The Good Samaritan. In knowing and understanding this story well we can talk about how we can do Gods work by helping one another as well as helping others in our community and the wider world. Our School hymn; "When I needed a neighbour" goes one step further in reminding us of our Christian distinctiveness and of our purpose. 
Mission Statement

Our Mission

Education at Veryan School is about learners experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative and staying healthy. We have high expectations and strive for high standards. We have a broad, balanced and rich curriculum; we will help pupils develop self-confidence as learners whilst maturing socially and emotionally. We work on the principle that education is the fusion of excellence and enjoyment; learners do better when they are engaged and there is joy and excitement in what they are doing.