The School Day

The school day starts at 8:45
The school gate will be opened at 8:45. 
Parents/guardians are asked to bring their children to the bottom playground gate for the start of the school day. This is the gate located opposite Veryan Village Hall carpark.
This carpark can be used to park, as can the church car park and the road, on the school side. If your child has an accident before entering school in the morning, you must attend to your child’s first aid needs and ensure they are settled and ready to start the school day before you leave. This is to ensure that school staff are able to settle their classes and begin the school day without disruption. You will be asked to come into school to attend to your child’s needs in the event of them needing first aid/settling after an accident if required.
To avoid accidents and injuries at the start of the school day we ask that you keep your child with you either in your vehicle, or standing with you. The time before school is a great opportunity to listen to your child read or practice timetables. These activities also keep your child safe and close to you.

Children attending the breakfast club will enter via the top entrance. Please ring the bell to be let in by our breakfast club staff.

The school day will end at 3:15.
Children will exit from the bottom playground gate, opposite the Village Hall.
Parents will be allowed on to the school playground to wait in a designated area of the playground. Once your child is released to you please leave the playground promptly. Children are not permitted to play on the playground after they have been dismissed. This is to ensure all children are kept safe and to make it possible for staff to clearly see which children have been dismissed to their parents and which have not.
We encourage you to use the green area opposite the school playground and the park for before and after school play and parent catch-ups.
Children who are allowed to walk home from school will leave from the top gate to avoid the need to walk on the road. Please send an email to
veryan.secretary@celticcross.education giving your consent for your child to walk home unattended. 
Friday Celebration and Family Worship
Our Friday Family worship will take place at 2:30pm on Friday afternoons. You will be able to take your child/ren home from the church. If you are unable to attend family worship please collect your child/ren from the Church at 3:15pm.
Days with PE:
Monday and Wednesdays Carne Children are to attend school in their uniform, bring PE kit in a bag to change into in school.
 Monday and Thursdays Kiberick Children are to attend school in their uniform, bring PE kit in a bag to change to in school.