Welcome to Veryan Church of England Primary School

Veryan School is a very special place where we aim to provide an environment in which our pupils enjoy meeting challenges, developing skills, and building happy, healthy relationships with those around them. We provide a rich and varied curriculum that inspires our children and helps them to reach their full potential by using a range of teaching styles to meet each individual's needs. We pride ourselves with the progress made by every child, regardless of ability. As well as becoming more confident in their aca­demic abilities, children also develop their personal qualities, which help them to contribute to the school community and beyond. 
Situated in the beautiful village of Veryan on the Roseland Peninsula the school has served Veryan and the local villages since 1872. Our school is one of eleven schools that make up Rainbow Multi Academy. Our Trust website can be found at https://www.rainbowacademy.org.uk/ 
Our School Christian Values are;
Compassion, Wisdom, and Perseverance. In addition, our Christian vision is "Supporting one another in learning and life." As a school, we communicate our Christian character through the parable of the Good Samaritan. Our school hymn is "When I needed a neighbour." Which helps remind us of our Christian distinctive­ness and our purpose. We encourage our children, staff, and volunteers to demonstrate our values every day in their learning, behaviour and attitudes both in and outside of school. 
Our team & class structure
Our school has 3 main classrooms, one of which can be divided into 2 smaller classrooms when required, We have a library, office, staff room, kitchen and lobby.

We have 3 classes;
Carne Class
- Nursery, Reception, Years 1 & 2.
Kiberick Class
- Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Our Teaching Assistants are allocated to specific classrooms where possible throughout the terms to maintain consistency and continuity of care and teaching, but all TAs offer support throughout the school across the classes as and where they are needed. 
We are also very fortunate to have a number of friends and family of the school community, who generously give up their time to support the school and volunteer to help with activities, listen to readers, and help with off-site visits. 
School Facilities
Our unique location and historic building mean that, whilst we do not have a vast school site we do have, and make the most of, our local area.
We are fortunate enough to have access to the Veryan Village Hall for indoor PE lessons, Christmas and summer productions, and other similar events.
The school also owns its own off-site recreational field, this is used several times a week for Wild Tribe lessons and to further develop all areas of the curriculum in an outdoor learning en­vironment. The space is constantly developing and growing, the chil­dren each planted a tree at the beginning of 2020, and further im­provements are planned to make even more learning opportunities available within this space.