Veryan Church Of England Primary School


 Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum at Veryan is a shared creation by teachers and children; we have an enquiry-based approach which enables children to lead and teachers to facilitate the learning. Examples include topics such as ‘London’s burning’ and ‘What was it like to live in the Stone age?’  It is designed to provide a varied and stimulating progression of activities and memorable learning experiences to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of all learners.


We challenge our children to question the world around them in order to create positive changes in their community and the wider world. We want to prepare children for life as global citizens and to promote what it means to be a responsible member of our world-wide community. We link this to our school Christian values and vision.


Every child is nurtured to ensure they learn in a safe, caring environment where they can achieve their own ambitions, celebrate their own and others’ uniqueness and enjoy success.


As part of our vision we include the words; nurture, engage and thrive. These encapsulate the three main strands within our curriculum and we strive to ensure that each termly topic includes these elements.


Nurture – understanding, accepting and respecting others. (E.g.  learning about and empathising with people from different religions with different beliefs and core values.)


Engage – building upon and learning new skills, gaining knowledge. (E.g.  revisiting and extending skills in Historical interpretation.)


Thrive – access to life experiences. (E.g.  tasting food from other countries or periods in history.)

We use the Read, Write Inc scheme to teach our pupils to read fluently and to spell words using phonetic skills when writing.  Pupils continue developing their spelling skills as they move into Key Stage 2, using the Read Write Inc. Spelling scheme. Parents are encouraged to support their children with the weekly spelling investigations which are set by their class teachers to give them opportunities to practise the spelling patterns taught in the daily spelling lessons that week.
Examples of previous planning can be seen below. For current planning please see the relevant Class Pages by following the links above.


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